Can You Lay Roofing in the Snow?

Don’t let the fallacies of roof installation in the winter stop you from doing your roofing project. Whether the task is meant to repair or replace your roof, professional roofers will work on it as they must. 

What to Consider for Winter Roofing Projects

Worker Efficiency

Roofers must stay safe while working on a roof. One of the key points here is the moisture and snow on the roof. This means roofers will have to work extra to get rid of the snow before going on the roof. The roofer will have to take extra precautions not to fall.

What’s more, the cold temps mean that roofers must wear protective clothing, like winter pants, boots, jackets, and more. This heavy clothing can add up to over 10 pounds they have to carry.

Tool Efficiency

Roofers may be able to work on the roof in the winter, but their tools may not. Some tools such as nail guns and compressors may be made unusable or ineffective by the chilly temperatures. Roofers will need to use more effort to ensure their work is of the peak quality.

Roofing Material

Some roofing materials may be installed in any season, but others can’t. Rubber roofs are a no-no in the wintertime. The adhesives used to seal them won’t work when it’s wintry.

Asphalt shingles may be installed in cold weather, but it isn’t logical to do so. These shingles could get brittle and break in icy temperatures. Furthermore, shingles, which need heat to seal correctly, could fall off or leak unless the temperature increases.

The best roofing material to install in the winter is metal. Residents will benefit from metal roofs since they can be installed in any season and are sturdy enough to endure many weather conditions.

Sealant Activation

Consider the activation of the sealant strips on the shingles. Sealant strips are essentially adhesive that makes the shingles stick when they’re warm. Roofing in the winter could cause the sealant to not “activate” swiftly which loosens the shingles in windy conditions.

Why Winter Might Be the Time for Roofing Jobs

Strengthen Your Roof Before Spring

It’s smart to fix a roof with a huge leak or major water damage ASAP. This will lessen the risk of more damage. Also, it will help sustain the structural integrity of your house and roof. This is particularly important during the spring due to possible exposure to heavy rainfall.

A winter roof replacement guarantees that your roof is in prime condition, keeping your residence safe from water damage from the rain.

Less Risk to Landscape

A roof replacement is a major project. Even though roofers work diligently to safeguard lawns and property during a job, there’s always the danger of damage happening. In January, patio furniture is in the garage, lawns are usually dormant, and bushes aren’t in bloom. This is the perfect time for roof work since it makes protecting a property much easier.

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