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Here at Advocate Construction, our commercial roofing services include roofing installation, repairs, replacement and maintenance. We work with all roof types and materials. Contact us today for a free inspection.

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If you are looking for commercial roofing contractors, it is important to make the right choice. Commercial roofs have requirements which are distinct from residential roofs. These roofs must be able to withstand the weather elements such as thunderstorms, hail, wind, snow and rain effectively. Quality commercial roofing will retain its appeal year after year with only minor deterioration. There are a multitude of different commercial roofing products and designs to meet the most exacting standards and codes. It can be hard to select a commercial roof amid a variety of choices. As one of the leading roofing contractors in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding area, we help you make an informed decision.

Advocate Construction, has been working with companies and businesses across Denver for many years. We help our clients pass all jurisdictional code inspections for their commercial roofing projects, while bringing these projects to completion at or under budget.  . In doing so, we have established a reputation as commercial roofing contractors that businesses can trust and rely upon. Below is the full range of services we offer in this area.

Our Range of Commercial Roofing Services

Advocate Construction offers a comprehensive range of commercial roofing services. Our services cover:

Roof installation: Our professionals can handle installation of different roofing types and materials. If you’re not sure what roof type and material is right for you, we can also advise you on this. The roofs we install are backed with a warranty against leaks and deficiencies.

Roof Repairs: If your existing commercial roof has incurred damage for any reason, we can perform timely and quality repairs. 

Roof Replacement: Sometimes, the costs of renovating or repairing a roof may simply not be worth it. This is when roof replacement is a more viable option. We are able to replace commercial roofs of all types. We can also work with your insurance company to negotiate the most of your coverage. 

Roof Maintenance: Roof maintenance is often important to make sure your commercial roof stays in good shape. Our commercial roofing services include maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about keeping your roof in a good shape.

We are one of the most trusted commercial roofing companies in Denver, Colorado. The main reason for this is that we will not compromise on quality. We take pride in being honest and transparent. Contact us any time for a free estimate on any of our commercial roofing services.

Advocate Construction is a Certified Gaco Installer

The Gaco family of brands offers best-of-class solutions for a variety of commercial, industrial, and residential applications including specialty coatings for roofs, pedestrian and traffic decking, and spray polyurethane foam coating.

Gaco is a waterproofing alternative to costly flat roof repairs and replacements.

Consider the advantages of a Gaco installation:

  • Much less expensive that either TPO or EPDM roofs
  • No building permits are required
  • Building code modifications are not required
  • Spray Foam Installation available
  • One of the only products that works with ponding and standing water on the roof

Our Commercial Roofing Process 

Advocate Construction excels at all levels of the commercial roofing process:


Advocate will come to your site and perform a thorough inspection. We will pull core sample as required. We can send core samples to an independent lab for testing if required,

Report/ Proposal :

Advocate Construction will provide a recommendation report that outlines advantages of different roofing system with a cost/ benefit analysis. We will inform you of current building codes and upgrades that may be required.

Estimate/ Bid Proposal:

Advocate will provide a hard bid for all work with the required add alternates that may be needed.


Our submittal package includes, but is not limited to:

Revised approved insurance estimate after supplementation (if applicable), Signed contracts with complete scope and cost referencing   the insurance scope, Add alternates/ deductions as part of the contract documents, current General Liability and W.C. certificates naming the client as additionally insured (from all sub-contractors),Colorado General Contractors License, bond if required, list of all material suppliers and subcontractors on the project.

Safety Program Outline:

Client will be provided with a copy of our project specific safety plan.

Project Management and Document Flow:

We will perform all work in a timely and professional manner.

We will have on-site supervision during all aspects of the roofing trade.

We will submit to our clients the following paperwork for fund dispersment:

  • Invoices from all subcontractors, rental companies, supplies, consultants.
  • Lien Releases from all subcontractors, rental companies, suppliers, and consultants upon payment.
Permits and Inspections:

A proper Building Permit will be pulled from the jurisdictional Authority. A final inspection from the appropriate authority will always be performed. An owner walk through and final inspection will be done. Any punch list items will be completed prior to final payment.

Upon completion, we will provide all warranty and material installation documentation required.

Advocate Construction endeavors to provide all of our commercial clients a professional, and superior Project Managed project.

Commercial Roofing Contractors Near Me in Denver, CO

If you are in Denver, Colorado wondering ‘how to find reliable commercial roofing contractors near me’, look no further. We are the go-to contractor for commercial roofing in the region. In addition to Denver, Colorado we also serve Aurora, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, and Westminster, and all of the front range of Colorado.

If you are not sure and wonder ‘what are good commercial roofers near me’, simply give us a call. We offer free inspections and consultation. Our roofing professionals at Advocate Construction are only a call away. Call us now at (303) 795-0527 or fill out a form at our website.

With You Every Step of the Way DURING AN INSURANCE CLAIM

  • Inspection

    We visit the property to do an initial inspection. We let the homeowner know if there is enough damage to file an insurance claim.
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  • Report

    After an insurance claim has been filed, our in house Adjuster/ Project Manager will meet your insurance company’s adjuster on site to approve the work to be done.
  • Estimate

    We use a process called Supplementation to examine building codes and request adjustments to the approved scope of work to make sure that our client’s are fairly indemnified for all insurable damage.
  • Submittal

    We coordinate with our clients on all the revised and approved scope of work and schedule of construction
  • Safety Program Outline

    We always pull Building Permits from the local jurisdiction.
  • Project Management

    We always pull Building Permits from the local jurisdiction.
  • Inspection

    We always pull Building Permits from the local jurisdiction.
With You Every Step of the Way DURING AN INSURANCE CLAIM

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