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All inspections and consulting services are provided by our Licensed In- House Insurance Adjusters. There is no charge to our clients for this service.

Inspection Process:

  1. We will call and set a time to come to your home or business to perform our property inspection.
  2. We prefer that the client is home as we typically need to inspect the attic for any damage or leaking that is present.
  3. We recommend that you allow us to do our inspection prior to calling in a claim to your insurance company.
  4. We will do a thorough property inspection, with pictures. This includes roof, attic, exterior paint, siding, stucco, glass, windows, deck and miscellaneous property damage.
  5. We will sit down with you and review our findings. We will make a recommendation to either file an insurance claim or explain why we believe you should not file an insurance claim.
  6. If a claim should be filed, we will help you do it right the, (typically if takes only 10 minutes to file a claim).

The Adjustor Meeting

  1. We will meet the insurance company’s adjuster on site and perform the inspection with the adjustor.
  2. We will show the adjuster all the damage that we have uncovered.

The Supplementation Process

  1. Once we receive the insurance estimate, we compare what is initially paid for by the insurance company and what we believe is a fair settlement. There are always differences.
  2. We supplement the existing insurance settlement with pictures and written explanation as to what additionally should be allowed, and why. We negotiate this to a conclusion that is fair and equitable.

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