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Whether you are looking for a commercial roof or a residential roof, you want a roofing company in Highlands Ranch CO that is:

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Experienced

But, above all, you want a roofing company with integrity.

At Advocate Construction, our roofing contractors focus on providing you the services that you need, while never trying to sell you the services you do not need. Not every roofing problem needs replacement. Not every storm leads to damage. You may not hear that from other roofing companies because that position does not make them money.

When you use us to get a roof inspection, we are going to examine the current state of your roof. What condition is it in? Has it suffered any storm damage? If so, what type of damage is it? Oftentimes, damaged roofs will only have a few problems areas. Rather than replacement, you may need hail damage repair.

Whether you need replacement or repair, all of our project managers are Licensed Insurance Adjusters. We work with your insurance company to ensure you get the benefits covered in your policy. Having insurance adjusters handle our residential roofing in Highlands Ranch CO claims puts you on equal footing with your insurance company. We help you ensure that they pay claims that they should pay and we work with you to make your roof affordable, with or without insurance coverage.

In addition to residential roofs, we also handle commercial roofing in Highlands Ranch CO. Commercial roofs require a different set of skills and expertise than residential roofs because they often use different materials, are at a different pitch, and need to be capable of holding tons of equipment. Our professional commercial roofing contractors can ensure that your commercial job is done right.

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