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One of the most difficult things about getting a roof inspection in Centennial CO is that you are probably not going to be on the roof with the inspector. If you are like the majority of people, you will be standing on the ground waiting for the guy from the roofing company to finish their inspection and tell you what they find. Being on the ground you do not know if the damage they say is present is really there, if it was there before they went up on the roof, or if it actually requires the services they are suggesting.

As a consumer, you may feel like you are at the mercy of roofing contractors. As a roofing professional, our founder Scott Swauger, saw it all. He opened this company because he believed that people were entitled to residential roofing and commercial roofing services from a fair and honest company that would treat them with integrity.

That is why we make a promise to all of our customers. Whether you are looking for hail damage repair or searching for commercial roofing contractors, we are going to treat you with honesty and integrity.

  • We are on time for appointments.
  • We use licensed insurance adjusters for our inspections.
  • We inspect all of your property to look for storm damage.
  • We let you know if damage is present, and, if it is, help you file your insurance claim.
  • If no damage is present, we let you know that, too.

Being honest means that we do not sell a roof to every person we visit. In fact, we do not try to sell you a roof unless you need one. Your roof may be in great shape. It may have minor damage that only needs repair, not replacement. Our goal is to make you our customer for life, not get another sale. Call us today to find out more.