How Long Does It Take To Install a New Roof?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. When it’s damaged or in need of replacement, every home owner wants those projects done as soon as possible to avoid things like leaks and other hazards. Every roof is different, but most of them on an average home can be replaced in a day or two. If the roof is larger, or has some complex and intricate angles and facets, it could take much longer.

What Can Change the Timetable?

Because your roof is designed to protect your home from the elements, weather plays a big role in how quickly and efficiently the project gets completed. Luckily, for a roof replacement in Denver, the climate is usually pretty cooperative thanks to a lot of sunny days. However, rain still sometimes trickles into the forecast, and that might prolong the process a bit. The damage to the roof is also a consideration. If only the shingles need to be replaced, the project will be done quickly. Should your home have any structural damage, it might add some time to the project.

The size of your home and the materials used can also affect the process. Of course, larger homes generally have larger square footage, meaning more area that needs work. The pitch of your roof can, too, as workers may need to take extra safety precautions on steep roofs. That can extend the time frame. Common materials like asphalt and wood can generally be done quicker, but items like tile and slate may take longer. The roof installation services you utilize for roof replacement should be able to set the expectations right away.

Can I Replace a Roof Myself?

The obvious benefit to replacing your roof itself is the cost, hiring a professional is likely the best option. The do-it-yourself method might seem less expensive, but it could become costly in the long run. It will also take you longer, as most professional roofers utilize large and experienced crews. DIY projects like replacing missing shingles might be doable, but if they’re result of something large like a hail storm or massive wind storm, there could be some other underlying effects a professional could identify.

Professional roof installation services handle all of the heavy equipment, and ensure that it’s done properly. Safety is a major concern when working on roofs. If you’re not familiar with the space and aren’t up there regularly, there’s a higher risk to slip and fall, resulting in serious injury. Safety is always a top concern when dealing with roof replacements, and that’s where experience of a roofing crew comes into play.

Your family deserves to be protected in your home, and your roof is a key component to deliver that safety against the elements. For more information on how long it takes to install a new roof, or any other questions you have about the process, contact the roofing experts in Denver at Advocate Construction today.