What questions should I ask a roofing contractor?

Before making any big decisions about your roof, consider consulting a professional first. A licensed roofing contractor can not only give you advice about the state your roof is in, but you can often get a free estimate of potential repairs or replacements required.

Wondering if you’re making the right choice when it comes to a Littleton roofing contractor? Don’t worry — simply follow this simple guide of the best questions to ask a roofing contractor in your area. This will ensure you’re working with a contractor that meets your expectations, has the skills you’re looking for, and delivers on time.

How long have you been in business?

Learning about a roofing contractor’s or roofing company’s history can tell you a lot about the work they currently provide. It not only gives a helpful snapshot of the type of projects they’ve completed in the past, but how experienced they are in their field. This is also a great time to request customer references from previously completed projects. A skilled and knowledgeable contractor will take time to guide you through their history and provide key examples of related work for your perusal.

What type of insurance do you carry?

Even if you carry a homeowners insurance policy for your dwelling, it may not cover all types of accidents or personal injury that could occur during a roof repair or replacement. An adequate amount of insurance coverage is important for both you and the contractor.

Be sure the contractor you work with has both worker’s compensation and liability insurance policies. This ensures you are both protected in case of on-the-job contractor injury or damage caused by the roof repair project.

Do you offer any warranties for your work?

Although warranties typically increase the price of a roof replacement estimate, many homeowners benefit from the long-term perks they provide. Roof warranties may cover the manufacturer’s materials or the work performed by the contractor.

Depending on the contractor or manufacturer’s guidelines, warranties can last up to a year or more. Check with your local roofing professional regarding their specific warranties provided, if any, and how this may impact the price of the materials and project.

Are you a licensed roofing contractor?

Licensing requirements vary per state, city, and county. Be sure to ask for specifics on the contractor’s roofing license, including the license-holder information. You can double-check this information with your local licensing office, as well. They can also verify whether the contractor has any outstanding violations you should be aware of.

Keep in mind you are checking for a roofing contractor license — not a business license. Business licenses are simply used to identify the company and for tax purposes. It’s important to differentiate between a business license and a roofing contractor license to ensure you are working with a qualified roofer in your state or county.

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